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We LOVE Caffeine

Most of us Love to drink coffee or tea. If we don’t, why will there be so many franchise chain stall selling coffee or tea?

Places which sells caffeine related beverage like Starbucks, coffee bean or Jean’s Coffee can be found at almost every part of the world. They are basically the “saviors” of people who need to keep themselves awake.

Student who need to muggle throughout the night for the upcoming exams or simply a morning boost of caffeine for people who are required to wake up before their bio-clock wants them to. These caffeine containing beverage is there to save the day and give us that little extra energy that we need to accomplish our task. But what is caffeine actually?


Caffeine? A Psychoactive substance?

Many have forgotten that caffeine is actually a psychoactive substance. Well, to be precise a psychoactive substance is a drug that is able to cross the blood-brain barrier which allow direct stimulation of the central nervous system.

That… kinda sounds pretty scary doesn’t it?

But caffeine, unlike any other psychoactive substance, it is socially acceptable and is in fact the most commonly used psychoactive substance in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I personnel love to drink caffeine related beverage like coffee, probably more than most people. I drink at least one per day. Especially those from “Kopitiam” which is a cheaper local version of Starbucks. Well, it may not be as fancy, but the bitter-sweet taste of the “Kopi” and the irresistible aroma just makes me crave for it. There are even associations which are devoted to coffee. Associations like SCAA even created the “Coffee Taster’s Flavor Wheel”.

Image Credited: Specialty Coffee Association of America
Image Credited: Specialty Coffee Association of America

Caffeine though is a psychoactive substance, the vast majority of caffeine consumers who have a regular intake of the substance seems to be no different to non-caffeine consumers. In fact, there are reports that have shown that Caffeine is actually good for the well-being of the personnel. The only downside, or rather the “upside” is that, you won’t be getting your sleep anytime soon after a cup of coffee.

With the minimal amount of side effects from consuming this socially acceptable psychoactive drug, caffeine containing beverage have become one of the most common beverage in the world.8452733327_ea827eab28_z

Thought to Self

But is caffeine really good for us? Maybe we should find out more in our future articles.

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