Simple Guide to Naturally Keep Mosquito Away

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Virus such as Dengue and Zika are scary but contracting of such virus from mosquito bites can be avoided. Our Mother Nature is filled with surprises; she has provided us many alternatives to help us keeping the mosquito away effectively and safely.

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Here are the 5 Simple things you can do to keep these pesky blood suckers away.

5 Simple Guide to Naturally Keep Mosquito Away

1. Sweet Scent of Lavender

The smell of Lavender is smoothing and tends to have a relaxing effect on humans. Though it is loved by many, but mosquitoes absolutely hated it.

To keep away the pesky blood suckers from your comfort of your home, simply add a few drops of lavender to a container and place it around the opening of your window where they might try to enter. The mosquitoes will be less likely to come feed on your blood.


2. Less Known Uses of Rosemary Other Making Your Food Taste Good for Barbecue

Ever got the feeling that while you are feeding on some perfectly grilled Marshmallow, something else is also having a meal of its life time?

Yup, it is our hungry neighbourhood mosquitoes. Strangely enough, these pesky mossy always have a tendency to join us in our barbecue sessions, normally uninvited. Although I know we are all generous people and believe that sharing is caring, but for them to take our blood without our permission is really rude and inappropriate.

If in any case you don’t wish to share your blood with our hungry neighbours, probably you can try throwing some rosemary on the barbecue. This simple and effective trick can turn your barbecue into a natural mosquito repellent.


3. Do Some Gardening

Our mother nature is filled with surprises. In nature, there are a number of plants which are natural mosquito repellent. These plants naturally release aroma that keep pest such as mosquitoes away.

The four most effective plants are Pennyroyal, Feverfew, Citronella Grass and finally my favourite, Lavender.


Simply by nurturing these plants in the vacancy of your home will keep the pesky blood suckers away. But be aware, for those that plant these beautiful plants will tend to fall in love in the smoothing aroma they emit.

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4. Garlic is a natural repellent of many.

Not only it is the natural repellent of humans but it is also the natural repellent of mosquitoes. After a heavy meal with garlic as its main ingredient, garlic oil will gently release from the pores of your skin. This thin layer of garlic oil will act as a shield between your skin and the mosquitoes.

But unfortunately the side effect is giving you a very strong body odour that might repel human as well.


5. Eliminate Stagnant/Standing Water

A coin sized amount of stagnant water is more than enough for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

By simply getting rid of stagnant water will eliminate the chances of letting the mosquitoes to make your home their home.

Stagnant water can be found in many places. Simple actions like emptying the water in flowing pots, inverting pails or ensuring proper drainage for your gutter can greatly help in eliminating stagnant water and safeguard your family from these pesky blood suckers.
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Take Away Note

Prevention is always better than remedy, mosquitoes like many other pest can be prevent with simple steps. Doing them diligently can protect our love ones from these pest which in some cases save their lives.

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