Lemon – 9 Reasons Why This Yellow Powerhouse May Blow Your Mind

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Lemon is a powerhouse in the world of healthiest fruits. This amazing fruit always seems to evoke images of warmth and sunshine, it popularity is almost second to none. The sweet scent of lemon with a surprising twist of sour but refreshing taste makes it to be one of the top fruit of choice to be added in your cooking.

You can find them in your beverage or within the sauce of your salad. Very few fruits have come close to this level of health benefits and nutritional value.

Type:                    Citrus Fruit

Preparation:       Raw or Cooked

9 Reasons Why Lemon Benefits You

  1. Want to Lose Some Weight?
    Weight-loss is a long and tough battle, fear no longer, as lemon is here to help achieving your goal. Pectin is a soluble fibre found in lemon that is great in aiding weight-loss. And to top that, drinking lemon infused water helps you stay hydrated which helps keep your metabolism humming.
  2. Soothe Sore Throat
    Antibacterial properties found in lemons make it to be an excellent fruit of choice to fight against problems related to throat infections.
  3. High Blood Pressure
    Lemon plays a role in your heart. There is a generous amount of potassium found in lemons that helps to keep your heart beating. It maintain the electrical balance of your heart as it helps in muscle contraction.Potassium content may not be as rich as bananas, but lemons comes in a power pack of a combinations of many other nutrients and vitamin which makes it one of the few fruits that gives a wide range of benefits.
  4. Ease indigestion
    Bloating is always very uncomfortable and will totally ruin the mood if you want to enjoy your day. Lemon can help in reducing bloating where it acts as a natural diuretic and it have calming effect which helps in relieve bloating.
  5. Boost immune system
    When you aim to be healthy, lemon is always the “go to” fruit of choice for Vitamin C. Vitamin C is the first of many benefits that come to the mind of many when we mention lemons. It plays a major role in helping your body in fighting off infections and prevents or reduces common cold.
  6. Rejuvenate Skin
    Lemon’s natural antiseptic properties as well as the citric acid and Vitamin C can help to remove the impurities found in skin cell which helps to promote healthier skin. It is also known to aid in curing skin related problems such as acne and eczema.Lemon is one anti-aging fruit that have its benefits packed all-in-one.
  7. Balance pH – Alkalizing Body
    This may come to a surprise, although lemons may seems to be very low on the pH scale when outside the body. But when it is in the body compounds of lemons are fully metabolized with its minerals dissociated into our bloodstream which helps alkalizing our body.
  8. Improve Mental Health
    Lemon oil has an amazing calming effect on people where it helps to remove fatigue, anxiety, tension and reduce stress. Some studies have shown that inhaling lemon oil will aid in increase concentration for people who works in a high stress environment.
  9. Fever
    Fevers is part of the body’s natural defense, but prolong fever can be harmful. Lemon juice can help in relieving the person who is suffering from a fever in many ways, and one of the more direct ways is by decreasing the body temperature through increase perspiration of the body.

Where you can get it?

Lemon is basically found everywhere. Fresh lemons are great from the farms but if you don’t live near one, why not plant your own in your garden. You can usually find them in Supermarkets or some Wet Market Stalls. Fresh lemon are always preferred for its rich taste and scent, the skin can be as valuable as its juice as it can serve many uses.

Great Tips: Adding a few slices of lemon to your drinking water is always a pretty great option for your daily intake of Vitamin C. Just take note not to keep it for more than 24 hrs, always change your water daily.

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