Aloe Vera – 7 Reasons Why This Spiky Plant Is Described As Miracle Plant

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Aloe Vera is not just a green-cactus looking plant that just sits in your garden and looks pretty. It have a wide range of benefits to your health, and is currently a multi-million dollar industry that extends from beauty cream and health supplements to diet juices and cooking ingredient. With the expansion of it uses, Aloe Vera has seamlessly integrated into our life and can be found in almost everywhere.

While the bitter yellowish leaf exudates should be avoided as it may be harmful to some individuals. It is the gooey translucent gel that is found oozing from the flesh kept within its spiky bitter leaves that is known for its amazing healing properties. These translucent gel consist of mostly water and the rest are vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. It is the compound known as Acemannan found in Aleo Vera that shines most. It is one of the most crucial compounds that contributes to it healing properties which earn it the name “Miracle Plant”.

Type:                      A Succulent Plant

Preparation:       Raw, Processed or Cooked

7 Reason Why Aloe Vera Benefits

  1. Want to Lose Weight?
    Weight-loss is never easy and will usually take a prolong period of time to achieve. Aloe Vera may just be what you may need. Aloe Vera is reported to improve the effectiveness of your diet and help maximize your weight-loss potential. It not only improve body’s absorption of nutrients and improve overall health, it also helps to cleanse your body to achieve success in losing weight.
  2. Aids Digestion
    Digestive problems are usually quite common in the society that is usually cause by mental stress or eating an unbalance diet. Aloe Vera has a natural healing and detoxifying capability that works in the intestinal tract. It has compounds that will help gently cleanses the bowel, which in turn helps to reduce bloating and discomfort of the body.
  3. Beauty
    Aloe Vera is traditionally used as a topical medication that is rubbed onto your skin. The rich Vitamin C, E and beta-carotene contents from the gel gives it its nourishing and anti-ageing properties.The amazing ability of Aloe Vera to nourish and treat the cells on the epithelial level of the skin gives it the ability to effectively treat sunburn and moisturizing your skin. Therefore, Aloe Vera is also commonly used during the dry seasons by many people.
  4. Protects You From Harm
    Aloe Vera gel contains powerful antioxidants and antibacterial properties which plays an important role for health. Its antioxidant properties that can be found in Vitamin C can help to remove free radicals that may cause damage to cells. While antibacterial properties plays a role in preventing bacterial infection. Acemannan plays an important role in this area as well.

  5. Aids Healing

    Compounds found in Aloe Vera are found to be powerful anti-inflammatory and stimulate the immune system which helps to speed up the recovery process. Not only that, it has an analgesic property and is able to help reduce pain and stress on the body.It is well known for its ability to help repair damaged tissue by aiding in the regeneration of cells. Application of the gel greatly relieves the painful symptoms while providing protection of the area with its antibacterial properties that makes so valuable.
  6. Remedy To Painful Ulcers
    Sores or ulcers are usually quite painful. They usually occur inside the mouth or underneath the lip that can last from a few days to a week or two. Aloe Vera maybe the answer to the treatment of these painful ulcers, the gel not only gives a soothing sensation, it also helps in accelerating the healing process and reduces the pain cause by the ulcer.
  7. Prevent Hair loss
    Aloe Vera is found to have the ability to repair dead skin cells on the scalp with enzymes called proteolytic enzymes. It helps promote hair growth and rejuvenates the hair with its own

Where you can get it?

Aloe Vera is commercially found in many well known health supplement stalls. While some may even find them growing in the park located near you, but please do not pluck them as it is not appropriate. You may also find them in some gardening stores where you can have them planted in your very own garden.

Aloe Vera is truly amazing in many ways, but always remember to see your physician if you are not feeling well. Any self-help should never be a replacement to professional health

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