7 Tips to Become Pro Pokemon Trainer in Pokemon Go

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The wait is finally over, “Pokémon GO” has finally arrived and it took the gaming community by storm in the Year 2016.

Pokémon Go is argumentatively the most successful free-to-play location-based augmented reality game that is published by The Pokémon Company. It is developed by Niantic and driven by Unity Engine.

Pokémon Go is “The Game” that gives gamer satisfaction of having the virtual world overlapping with our real world; it is like living in a dream. A dream of being a Pokémon trainer ever since the anime Pokémon came out in the early 90’s.

Pika Pika

Pokémon Go is location based applications which track where you are locating at the time. It will randomly spawn Pokémon at the area, but for rare or uncommon Pokémon, you may need to start getting around tracking them down, certain types of Pokémon tent to spawn at certain areas with special characteristics. Example will be water Pokémon will have higher probability of spawning at water sources etc.

7 Tips to Become Pro Pokemon Trainer in Pokemon Go


1. Get Active

Run at least twice a day for 20 minutes will prepare you for the long walks you may have to perform in order to find the “Magikarp” you have always wanted. It is important to have good stamina so that you won’t find yourself out of breathe during your Pokémon Catching journey.

Just to let you know, Magikarp give you a good splash after you catch them.

magikarp splash

2. Learn Cycling or Roller Skating

Pokemon eggs require you to travel a distance before it hatch. They currently have 3 types of eggs; 2, 5 and 10 kilometers .

Running and walking your neighbourhood sounds awesome but for some it may not be an easy feat to walk around 10 kilometers per day to get the egg hatched.

2 kilometers eggs tentatively give Pokémon that is more common and 10 kilometers eggs gives Pokémon of higher rarity. Nonetheless, these easy to hatch 2 kilometers Pokémon eggs will yield Pikachu.

Seriously, who won’t want to have a Pikachu?


3. Know your directions

Pokémon GO shows the Pokémon that can be found near you. You will have to walk in one direction and pray hard that the Pokémon is at the direction you are going. If the Pokémon disappears from your nearby Pokémon List, turn around and walk the other way.

If you are good at your North-South-East-West probably you may save a lot of walking and be able to get the right directions after a try or two. Maybe you will find a rare Pokémon.


4. Know your Maps

Poke-stops or Pokémon Gym are usually located at landmarks that are spread around the map. These landmarks maybe located far from where you live. If you know your map well you can get to the point at the shortest time possible.

Caution: Be aware of your surrounding as it is highly not recommended to keep your eyes at your phone while walking.

Pokemon Map

5. Get a pair of sunglasses

Prolong exposure to sunlight can damage your eyes. It will be a great investment to protect your eyes from those harmful UV rays while travelling to catch more Pokémon. Invest in a Polarized Sunglasses, it will be beneficial to you in a long run. Furthermore you will looks pretty cool as a Pokémon trainer.


6. Sleep

Having enough sleep before your epic journey is important. It not only helps you to be alert when a new Pokemon is around but also keep you safe and alert when there are cars around, or you are just about to walk over a cliff. You can refer here to the numbers of hours of sleep you should get.


7. Keep Hydrated

Always bring a bottle or two when you are on a long journey. Being a pro Pokemon trainer is not simple, you must be prepared for situations where water source are scarce and you are stranded in an unknown land. Getting around with Pokemon GO is great, but don’t forget to keep yourself hydrate, last thing you want is to be found in the middle of desert with no water. Here is a guide on how much water do you need for your journey.


Take Away Note

It is an augmented reality game; you are still living in the reality. You should always know where you are going and don’t be over adventurous like getting in to a life volcano just to capture a Moltres (A very old version of Legendary Pokémon) or swim in the Amazon rive to catch a glimpse of Mew.

Have Fun Pokémon Trainers!mew

Time to Catch some Pokemon! Because… You Just Gotta Catch Them All…

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