6 Tips in Preventing Sore Legs for Pokémon Trainers

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Do you have sore legs?

If yes, then my guess is that you are a Pokémon Trainer.

No one says being a Pokémon trainer is easy. Not even our hero in Pokémon series; Ash Ketchum. He has to climb mountains, cross vast area of grassland and navigate through thick forest, and for the past 20 years he is still on his journey to be the very best as a Pokémon Trainer.pokemon-trainer

Why Sore Legs?

Sore legs is a common symptom for people who do lots of mountain tracking, jogging or marathon running. But starting from the mid of 2016 with the introduction of the vastly popular Argumentative Reality game “Pokémon GO”. An increase amount of people are complaining of having sore legs.

This is even more prevalent to the groups of people who were generally less active prior to the introduction of the game Pokémon GO.

Egg hatching and the vision of “Gotcha catch them all” motivates many adults and kids alike to walk hundreds of miles around their neighbourhood or at some far away land to catch these rare and exclusive Pokémon.healthy-person-woman-sport

Pokémon GO craze is here to stay, and its side effects of giving sore legs to its Pokémon Trainers will not be going away anytime soon as well.

Here are a few Tips that might help my fellow Pokémon trainer in their journey to “Catch’em All” while not having a sore leg for the rest of the day or weeks.

6 Tips in preventing sore legs for trainers in Pokémon Go

6 Tips In Preventing Sore Legs

Warm Up

Your muscle is like an engine, it takes time for it to warm up and it is one of the most important steps for the “engine” to function properly. You may not have a cute little flame on the tail like our little Charmander to keep you warm up 24/7, so probably some warm up exercise may suit you well to prepare your journey instead.

  • 12 * Heel Digs
  • 12 * Knee Lifts
  • 12 * One-Legged Forward Lunges
  • 12 * Wide-Legged Squat



Stay Hydrated

Hydration is the key to ensure your muscles are working properly. Dehydration can cause reduce endurance, decrease strength, slow muscular response and even muscle cramping. Imagine being a  Magikarp found flipping on the floor. I believe a picture speaks a thousand words.


One other benefits of staying hydrated is to reduce the chances of getting heat stroke. Which can be in a certain circumstances, can be life threatening. Heat stroke is common in countries which are located on the equator as well as during summer session.

Always remember to drink up.


Balance Diet

Food is what we get most of our nutrients from. As a Pokémon trainer we have to walk a fair distance everyday in order to catch the Pokémon that we always wanted. Our muscle requires different types of nutrients for it to work in its full potential.

Food that contains Vitamin B6 such as bananas, oatmeal, chicken breast or lean beef may greatly help you in your journey to be the very best. As these foods can play a role in suppressing muscle cramp.

Alternatively, smoothies and energy bar are a great way to ensure easy access of nutrients for the journey.


Comfortable Footwear

Similar to how you choose your Poké ball for catching different Pokémon. Wearing the right footwear for the occasion is also just as important. Comfortable footwear will allow you to walk a long distance without giving you blisters or sore legs. Slippers or crocs are highly not recommended for walking long journey and on uneven grounds.

Invest on a pair of comfortable running shoes may allows you to go a long way down your journey as Pokémon trainer.


Take a Break

The road to become a Pokémon Master can never be achieved over a short period. Ash Ketchum takes 20 years and is still on the journey to be the Pokémon Master.

Take a break every 30 minutes; re-hydrate yourself, rest your eyes and feet. Do some stretching and massages your legs. Re-orientate yourself and devise a battle plan for your next chapter of your journey are all parts and puzzle of being a Pokémon Trainer.

A wise man once said “A good rest is for us to prepare for a longer journey ahead.”


Cool-down Exercise/Stretches

When you are driving on the road at 100 miles / hour, it is highly recommended not to perform an emergency brake. As it will not only accelerate the wear-and-tear of your braking system, but may also cause the people in the car to “fly”. This can cause serious injury to the passenger. In contrast, the car will more likely to slow down gradually over a set period of time to a complete stop, where the passengers will be less likely to sustain any injury.


Likewise, after a long day of successful Pokémon hunting, it will be a great practice to do some stretching after the walk. This can prevent muscle injury in both short and long term. Your muscle will also be given the chance to relax gradually which can reduce muscle sore and even prevent muscle cramps late at night.

  • 3 * 30 Seconds – Calf Raise Down
  • 3 * 30 Seconds – Leg to chest
  • 3 * 30 Seconds – Heels pull towards buttock
  • 3 * 30 Seconds – Toe Grab


Take Away Note

Pokémon GO is an amazing game which motivates us to level up our fitness level. But its benefit will only be as good as how prepared are we in preparing our body in adapting to the increase amount of physical activity required to be a Pokémon trainer.


Now let’s go catch some Pokémon!

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